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Sanskrit Language Course

Prospective students can enrol in a Sanskrit Language Course at the Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages. As a first in Sanskrit language education, students at Symbiosis can choose between a conversational course lasting 60 hours or a series of modules lasting up to 100 hours.

Students will get a basic knowledge of the Sanskrit language through the on-demand course. It is intended for any student who wants to begin studying Sanskrit without the burden of learning difficult grammar and sentence building. Students in the conversational course will grasp the fundamental words and idioms associated with Indian culture.

The entire course, i.e. all modules, is intended to give students a thorough mastery of the Sanskrit language. The comprehensive classes will cover and develop all parts of the language, such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students who wish to understand the complex texts and read them fluently in Sanskrit can opt for this course. This will open the barriers that hold some aspects of Indian culture and improve your spiritual and intellectual being.

Students will be able to confidently engage with a native speaker after completing this course. Students who want to learn a second or third language can enrol in the full course. Language allows individuals to access things like movies, music, songs, and folk stories, which all supply knowledge to those who are interested. These kinds of works play a significant role in both traditional and modern civilizations, helping to create their worldwide identities.

It is regarded as the top Sanskrit Language Course in Pune or throughout India since it has been created for flexibility and can be tailored to your specific needs. In India, English language or Spoken English lessons are widely offered. Finding a good institution that offers Sanskrit or Hindi language courses, on the other hand, becomes tough.

Their campus is a contemporary, well-equipped construction that covers an area of 2500 square metres. These amenities and features are widely utilised to provide you with a great learning experience in one of the best Sanskrit Language Courses.

Students may study at their own pace, with assistance accessible whenever they require it. SIFIL and its lecturers ensure that students understand by pushing them to practise. They include students in extracurricular activities to expose them to the culture of the language.

SIFIL is a Symbiosis premier institute that provides certificate courses and programmes in a range of foreign and Indian languages at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) attitude pervades the institute and its teachings.

By providing language teaching, SIFIL promotes cultural awareness among the nation’s populace. The teachers at SIFIL will provide you with an outstanding language education that is straightforward to grasp even for the most inexperienced student. Teachers are one of the most important factors determining student accomplishment.

Their commitment guarantees that they are comfortable while studying. Extracurricular activities such as skits, quizzes, projects, workshops, industrial visits, elocution contests, and spelling bee competitions are organised to provide students with an unforgettable educational experience.

The following are the benefits of SIFIL’s Sanskrit Language Course:

  • An on-demand course customised as per the requirement.
  • The course can be a conversational one (60 hours) or can have modules(100 hours).
  • In a conversational Course, students can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases.
  • In a full course, students work on all modules, i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening and responding.

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