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Rules and Regulations for Students
  1. Counselling (free of charge) is necessary before admission to any course. Fees are non-refundable. (Transfers to any other course later on, will not be entertained.)
  2. Admissions are granted on first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Eligibility criteria for the final examination:
      • Minimum 75% attendance is a must.
      • Coming late by more than 10 minutes will be considered as absence.
      • Taking both the internal exams is mandatory.
      • Students are eligible to take the final exam only if they have taken both the internal exams.
      • In case a student is not able to take an internal exam, the re-exam must be taken within a week’s time. The fee for the re-exam is Rs. 500/- per internal exam.
  4. The award of certificate will be subject to
    • Minimum 75% attendance.
    • Individual passing with minimum 50% both in written and oral assessment.
  5. Students may avail of the library facility from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Saturday. Books will not be issued for home-reading.
  6. Students should strictly switch off their mobile phones or put them on silent mode during classes. Use of mobiles during class hours will attract punishment.
  7. All Symbiosis Campuses are “Non-Smoking zones”. Any offender will be fined Rs. 500/-.
  8. Parking is regulated centrally from the head office of Symbiosis Society for all campuses. Students are requested to obtain a pass from the parking attendant for the duration of the course, at a nominal cost or pay Rs.5/- per visit.
  9. Violation of the rules or impolite/rude behaviour with staff members will result in cancellation of admission.
  10. In all matters of disagreement, the decision of the Director will be final.