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Japanese Language Course

Why learn Japanese?

Learning a new language is a fascinating journey: full of excitement, enthralling experiences, occasional challenges, and unexpected encounters.

The numerous benefits of acquiring a new language are undeniable. Of all the foreign languages in demand, what is so special about Japanese?

Here are some compelling reasons to learn it:

  • Open enormous opportunities:

    Japans is the third second-largest economy in the world. Roughly 128 million people speak Japanese in Japan. One can also find sizable Japanese speakers in Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Brazil, and the US. While no official data seems to exist, it is generally assumed that the vast majority are monolingual. It means very few people speak any other language, including English. In other words, if you know Japanese, many doors of opportunities will open for you.

  • Connect with many people:

    The Japanese people are friendly but will appreciate it if you take the initiative to talk to them in Japanese. Compared to learning a language from a country where many people speak English or another language, learning Japanese will enable you to communicate with many more people.

  • Explore Culture and Rich history:

    Speaking Japanese is a way to know the culture better and discover a side of Japan you would have never been able to without knowing the language. As an island country, Japan has been isolated for much of its history. The unique culture of Japan can be experienced by visiting the country. However, learning the language itself would help in understanding the history and the cultural differences in a nuanced manner. For example, certain words in Japanese cannot be translated into English or other languages, because of the uniqueness of the culture. Thus, knowing Japanese will help you understand the culture from a unique perspective and unravel a dimension of Japan you would have never otherwise known.

  • Gateway to other Asian cultures:

    While the cultures of the Asian countries are varied, they also share many similarities that are different from the Western ways of life. Learning Japanese will allow you to explore these diverse cultures and gain a new perspective.

  • Access to Japanese cultural exports and cutting-edge technology:

    From an expanding fan base of Anime to a relatively recent taste for ‘Sushi’ (Japanese food item), Japanese culture is becoming more & more popular in countries around the world. Our daily lives are enriched and entertained by different Japanese products like Sony play station, Hello Kitty, Sudoku, Karaoke, Manga, Martial arts, Origami, and many more. Knowing the language will give you a special insight into these customs/products and allow you to take advantage of new business opportunities in these areas.

  • Expand job opportunities:

    India & Japan are friendly nations and have moved steadily to improve and strengthen their relations in the last few decades. With progress in India-Japan bilateral relationships, many Japanese companies are trying to increase their client base in India, which will increase job prospects in India as well as Japan.

  • Numerous opportunities in translation and interpretation:

    Japanese is one of the highest-paying languages in the translation and interpretation field. Many institutes and Indian & Japanese companies are always in search of foreign language trainers who can train candidates, who need to visit Japan on business or for onsite opportunities. They also need these trainers to interact with Japanese customers. As a result, skilled Japanese language trainers are always in high demand. Therefore, studying Japanese will improve your employability significantly. Undeniably, it can be a great career asset.


Are you planning to learn Japanese? If the answer is ‘yes’, SIFIL will be the right option for you to take a Japanese language course.

SIFIL, a premier

Japanese language Institute

, offers various levels of the Japanese language. After completing these levels, you can also appear for the international examination: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) which is conducted by the Japan Foundation.

SIFIL conducts one of the best Japanese language classes in Pune. Learning Japanese at SIFIL from a team of highly experienced and skilled teachers armed with the right language teaching methodology & materials will certainly be an enjoyable and fruitful journey!

So, book your seat to be a part of this exciting journey!

Japanese Courses at SIFIL

N5 (No. of Hours – 180 hrs)

  • Can read; write Hiragana & Katakana script and more than 100 kanjis.
  • Can construct / use simple sentences or everyday expressions.
  • Can state time
  • Can introduce self and state daily routine likes & dislikes hobbies, desire, and comparison when dealing with various situations in daily life (e.g. In a supermarket, at the restaurant, at the railway station, post office etc.)

N4 (No. of Hours – 180 hrs)

  • Students can read, write about 500 kanjis, can describe experiences, schedule, events, hopes, intention
  • Can understand the general content when engage in small talk and free conversations with people around a person.
  • Can briefly write about his/her future plans and wishes and write small entries in one’s personal diary (e.g. summer vacation travel, work I want to do).
  • Can use honorific language.

N3 (No. of Hours – 180 hrs)

  • Can read, write about 800 kanjis.
  • Can understand TV news, weather forecast, train announcements at the railway station.
  • Can read the newspaper
  • Can state their opinion about something.

Important note before you pay:

*Fees are revised annually.

*Fee structure has been revised on April 1, 2024.

* Rs. 50 Administration charges payable with the application form on every admission

* Book charges are periodically revised depending on the fluctuations in import costs and exchange rates.

* SIFIL has 3 levels of Japanese, please contact office for fees of higher levels.

* To take an admission in a higher level:

  • SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level in the past 6 months need to carry their certificate copy for the admission process.
  • SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level before 6 months and non-SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level in any other institute need to take an entrance test and pass it for admission in any  higher level at SIFIL.

*To confirm your admission, please send us an email with transaction details immediately to info@sifil.edu.in after the payment is done.