Foreign Language courses in Pune

Global Toddler Course

Symbiosis - Global Toddler Course

As they tune into shows like Dora the Explorer, which teaches Spanish, and Ni Hao Kai-lan, which teaches Mandarin Chinese increase, our little toddlers get exposed to a spectrum of foreign languages and learn them with ease.  On a biological level, children are like sponges. The brain of a child is designed to absorb new information unconsciously. They do this similarly to the way that we, as adults, unconsciously learn song lyrics, rhythms, and melodies.

One of the main benefits of learning a foreign language at an early age is that children learn languages faster and easier because the language center of the brain is still developing. They have more time to learn, less to learn, fewer inhibitions, and a brain designed for language learning. 

Learning a new language helps to stimulate a child’s curiosity and makes him / her more receptive to learning in other areas. It boosts children’s cognitive development which helps their overall academic progress.

In order to jumpstart these little minds, SIFIL brings to you our global toddlers course. This short term course will introduce your child to the world of languages and equip them with skills to

  • Tell their name
  • Greet others and say goodbye
  • Point out colors 
  • Count objects using numbers 1 to 10 
  • Name animals
  • Name their body parts

Our young learners will learn all these skills through songs, rhymes, audio-visual and interactive content in a “ Fun & Learn “ way.