Foreign Language courses in Pune

Global Kids Course

Global Kids Course

Global Kids Course

Learning a foreign language is good for your brain. Regardless of age! And it is never too early to begin learning a language: it’s fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime. 

Biologically, a child’s brain is prepared for learning. It is literally build to absorb information. But science also discovered that there’s a “critical period” for learning languages that happens roughly from birth to around puberty. Language acquisition comes naturally to them because they are unafraid. They make mistakes, they invent new words, they laugh and then try again.

There are studies that show how bilingual children outperform monolingual children in math, social studies, reading, memory tests, and many other areas. Not only do they learn a new language in which to express their thoughts, but also learn about other cultures, learn empathy and are more likely to think out of the box. 

Who better to vouch for multilingualism than us Indians! So eager to add a fourth language to your child’s repertoire apart from English, Hindi and their mother tongue? 

You are right on time as we bring to you our Global Kids course 2021. Following the overwhelming success of last year’s edition, we bring to you this year’s course which will help your kids learn how to talk about “Me and my world”. This includes learning how to-

  • Greet someone and say goodbye
  • Introduce themselves
  • Talk about their hobbies and favourite things
  • Talk about their family and home
  • Describe things and people 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and enrol your young wonders to this course and expand their horizons.