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French Language Course

French Courses at SIFIL

A1 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can understand basic telephonic conversations
  • Can interact in various situations
  • Can read and understand simple texts
  • Can fill in personal details

A2 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can read , listen and understand the past tense
  • Can talk about the events in past
  • Can write about the past events
  • Can do description of a person, event, weather

B1.1 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can understand radio interviews
  • Can express various emotions
  • Can understand simple newspaper articles and reviews
  • Can write a small article expressing opinion about works of art, pieces of literature and contemporary issues.

B1.2 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can understand a small speech of a native
  • Can talk about the trends in one’s country, contemporary issues in detail
  • Can understand complex formal and informal emails and messages
  • Can write detailed formal and informal emails.

B2 (No. of Hours – 180 hrs)

  • Can understand news on tv and radio
  • Can express various emotions , opinions using proverbs , various expressions
  • Can read and understand news in newspapers and express opinions on it
  • Can write an article expressing one’s opinion on contemporary issues

Learning French

In the era of globalization, knowing your native language is not enough and no one is more aware of that than us. Most Indians have always been at ease with a three language formula-mother tongue, official language, and English. To gain an edge in today’s competitive world, young students add a fourth language to their repertoire. But then the questions arise as to which language should one learn- a European language or an Asian language? What are the benefits of learning a particular language? What are the career opportunities that one can avail upon learning that language? The following text tries to answer these questions with respect to the languages we teach at SIFIL.

Why learn French?

French is spoken in more than 42 countries including France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.

It is the most preferred second language. It is one of the official languages of the UN, and many international organisations as well as Europeans Union.

French ruled in African continent so a lot of African countries have French as one of the official languages.

French is known as the most polite language. It is also known as the language of love. French literature is rich and English has borrowed numerous words and expressions from French like rendez-vous, RSVP, Bon voyage, c‘est la vie, etc.

Working with any of the African or European countries as also in Canada, where French is spoken, the knowledge of French will allow you to expand your horizons.

Learning French would not only add to your résumé but it will open doors to a different way of life, to different cultures which will help you to be more open-minded.

Career Opportunities after learning a foreign language

Traditionally, learning a new language meant that you could land a job with an Embassy or the tourism sector. However, with the ever-increasing globalisation, companies in the IT sector, MNC banks, and export houses are looking for a large number of people who can work with them as language experts. With a large number of companies from non-English speaking countries spotting India for outsourcing work, they have started hunting for people proficient in Spanish, German, French, and other foreign languages to support the clientele and the salary package for language experts could be 25% to 40% more than English speaking counterparts.

Career opportunities after learning French

Aeronautics, pharmacy, IT, LPOs, BPOs, travel and tourism, renewable energy are the fields where knowledge of French helps to get a good job. With changing the international political scenario many French companies like Dassault, Lafage, BNP are investing in India and Indian companies like Mahindra are having overseas project where they need people having sound knowledge of French.

Scope for French learners

The fields like hospitality, translation, interpretation, teaching, cultural coordination and travelling always prefer employees having basic knowledge of French.

Automobile industry, civil services, IT, KPO’s are domains where  Indians knowing English, Hindi, a regional language and French have a great scope.

Expertise in a particular field and complementing their professional degree with French can open many doors for you. Many schools and colleges are offering a French language course as one of the core subjects.

French at SIFIL

SIFIL has been conducting one of the most sought-after French language courses in Pune since 2000.

Since 2009, our students have been appearing for DELF exams (A1/A2/B1/B2) and passing with flying colours.

Our courses are aligned with  CEFR and all four skills (Listening, speaking, reading, writing) are taken care of from basic level (A1). The language is taught with interactive methods using audio-visual material, role plays, games, etc.

The number of students in one batch is 12 to 24 hence individual attention is given. We have experienced, well-qualified (at least C1 or MA), enthusiastic, and encouraging faculty members in the French section of SIFIL .

Apart from classroom teaching, a lot of other activities like guest lectures of native speakers, webinars, symposiums, and various competitions are conducted often for the students of SIFIL.

Important note before you pay:

*Fees are revised annually.

*Fee structure has been revised on April 1, 2024.

* Rs. 50 Administration charges payable with the application form on every admission

* Book charges are periodically revised depending on the fluctuations in import costs and exchange rates.

* SIFIL has 6 levels of French, please contact office for fees of higher levels.

* To take an admission in a higher level:

  • SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level in the past 6 months need to carry their certificate copy for the admission process.
  • SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level before 6 months and non-SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level in any other institute need to take an entrance test and pass it for admission in any  higher level at SIFIL.

*To confirm your admission, please send us an email with transaction details immediately to after the payment is done.