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Courses at SIFIL

A1 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can understand basic telephonic conversations
  • Can interact in various situations
  • Can read and understand simple texts
  • Can fill in personal details

A2 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can read , listen and understand the past tense
  • Can talk about the events in past
  • Can write about the past events
  • Can do description of a person, event, weather

B1.1 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can understand radio interviews
  • Can express various emotions
  • Can understand simple newspaper articles and reviews
  • Can write a small article expressing opinion about works of art, pieces of literature and contemporary issues.

B1.2 (No. of Hours – 90 hrs)

  • Can understand a small speech of a native
  • Can talk about the trends in one’s country, contemporary issues in detail
  • Can understand complex formal and informal emails and messages
  • Can write detailed formal and informal emails.

B2 (No. of Hours – 180 hrs)

  • Can understand news on tv and radio
  • Can express various emotions , opinions using proverbs , various expressions
  • Can read and understand news in newspapers and express opinions on it
  • Can write an article expressing one’s opinion on contemporary issues

Important note before you pay:

*Fees are revised annually.

*Fee structure has been revised on April 1, 2020.

* Rs. 50 Administration charges payable with the application form on every admission

* Book charges are periodically revised depending on the fluctuations in import costs and exchange rates.

* SIFIL has 6 levels of French, please contact office for fees of higher levels.

* To take an admission in a higher level:

  • SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level in the past 6 months need to carry their certificate copy for the admission process.
  • SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level before 6 months and non-SIFIL students who have completed the earlier level in any other institute need to take an entrance test and pass it for admission in any  higher level at SIFIL.

*To confirm your admission, please send us an email with transaction details immediately to after the payment is done.