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Conversational Courses

Conversational Courses

Conversational Courses

Symbiosis Institute of foreign and Indian Languages

Write up for Conversational Course (30 hours)

You might want to enjoy travelling more, connect with people from other cultures or get closer to friends and family members staying in foreign countries.

When you visit a foreign land where English isn’t the language of business and where most of the day to day communication is carried out in the native language, what becomes crucial for your survival is knowing key expressions and phrases. So which are these key expressions and how to go about acquiring them?

Well, here we bring to you a short but sweet conversational course with focus on conversational skills! So come get your feet wet in this vast ocean of foreign language by joining our 30 hour conversation course and begin your journey towards becoming a polyglot/ globetrotter! 

In this course you will learn important phrases and content which will help you to- 

# Start a conversation– basic greetings and expressions when you meet someone for the first time

# Get to know someone– introducing oneself and someone else, asking and answering questions 

# Shop with ease – using the vocabulary and basic expressions used to shop for food, clothes, etc.

And what’s more, you learn these skills in an interactive manner with audio- visual tools and role plays used to simulate real life situations and cultural inputs from our language experts!